Fichet Technologies
23, route de Schwobsheim
67600 Baldenheim

Tel.: +33 3 88 85 06 06
Fax: +33 3 88 85 37 76
Type of member:
Manufacturer, Certificate holder

Range of products:
High Security Locks

high security locks (EN 1300)
Name of product (specification)Type
GSL 1000 B (GSL 1031/1032/1033-B) (B)ECL Standard Deadbolt
GSL 1000 B (GSL 1041/1042/1043-B) (B)ECL Standard Deadbolt
KelNet-B - KelNet SU R-B (B)ECL StandardRS Deadbolt
KelNet-B - KelNet SU-B (B)ECL Standard Deadbolt
KelNet@ B - KelNet @ SU R - B (B)ECL StandardIP, RS Deadbolt
KelNet@-B - KelNet@ SU-B (B)ECL StandardIP Deadbolt
MKII-C (B)ECL Standard Deadbolt
NECTRA-AUDIT (B)ECL Standard Deadbolt
NECTRA-BASIC (B)ECL Standard Deadbolt
NECTRA-MK II-F (B)ECL Standard Deadbolt
REL AUDIT (B)ECL Standard Deadbolt
REL BASIC (B)ECL Standard Deadbolt
GSL 1000 C (GSL 1031/1032/1033-C) (C)ECL Standard Deadbolt
GSL 1000 C (GSL 1041/1042/1043-C) (C)ECL Standard Deadbolt
KelNet-C - KelNet SU R-C (C)ECL StandardRS Deadbolt
KelNet-C - KelNet SU-C (C)ECL Standard Deadbolt
KelNet@-C - KelNet@ SU R-C (C)ECL StandardIP, RS Deadbolt
KelNet@-C - KelNet@ SU-C (C)ECL StandardIP Deadbolt
KelNet-D - KelNet SU R-D (D)ECL StandardRS Deadbolt
KelNet-D - KelNet SU-D (D)ECL Standard Deadbolt
KelNet@-D - KelNet@ SU R-D (D)ECL StandardIP, RS Deadbolt
KelNet@-D - KelNet@ SU-D (D)ECL StandardIP Deadbolt

CLMechanical code lock
ECLElectronic code lock
EKLElectronic key lock
KLMechanical key lock
ATSPicking protection
AVAutomatic scrambling
ECElectronically Controlled
IPNetwork capable
INDIndirect Drive
RSRedundant system

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