ECBS Guideline R09 - Logo Guideline

These conditions govern the use of the logo of the ECB.
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Guideline ECBS R10 Additional requirements for burglar resistant products within the scope of EN 1627 according to guideline ECBS C10 with electromechanical locks, striking plates or security plates as well as mechatronic cylinders

The Guideline defines the requirements of European Certification Body (ECB) GmbH for attacks on electromechanical locks, striking plates, security plates and mechatronic cylinders that are not covered by EN 1627.
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ECBS Recommendation (ECBS R11) for Service, Repair and Modification Operations on ECBS Certified Secure Storage Units, Data Cabinets and Data Rooms

The recommendations published by ECB specify the basic preconditions for service operations that need to be carried out on locks, secure storage units as well as data cabinets and rooms certified according to European standards and national regulations. This non-binding recommendation covers repair, retrofitting and maintenance operations.

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Scale of Fees (ECBS F01)

This document shows the fees charged for product certifications and approvals of design modifications as well as renewals and modifications of certificates. In addition, the Scale of Fees gives a survey of the costs of the preparation of reports about external quality surveillance audits as well for ECBS certification marks.

For ESSA members, the accruing fees according to ECBS F01 are credited up to a certain amount of the membership dues. Additional costs in connection with the certification only arise if they are higher than the annual membership dues.

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Order of ECBS certification marks

ECBS certificate holders can order certification marks with this form sheet
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