The Route to the ECBS Certificate

In the following documents, you can find information about all relevant aspects of product certification

Valid guidelines:

(Listed by given number)

Certification Guideline (ECBS C10)

The Certification Guideline ECBS C10 and its attached documents define the certification process including all requirements to be met by the applicant. 

Download: rl_zer_ECBS-C10_e_02.2021.pdf - 385.5 KByte
rl_zer_ECBS-C10_e_annex_A_02.2024.pdf - 126.6 KByte

Application for certification (ECBS C11)

Use the application for certification (ECBS C11) for certification, prolongation of certificate, change of construction and testing.

rl_zer_ECBS-C11_e_03.2023.pdf - 151.5 KByte
rl_zer_ECBS-C11_e_03.2023.docx - 99.0 KByte

ECB-recognized cooperation partners (ECBS C12)

The ECB-recognized cooperation partners and their contact data.

rl_zer_ECBS-C12_e_03.2023.pdf - 131.8 KByte

Documents to be annexed (ECBS C13)

The documents to be annexed for certification depending on product group.

rl_zer_ECBS-C13_e_02.2022.pdf - 205.0 KByte

External Quality Surveillance (ECBS C14)

General conditions within the scope of certification

rl_zer_ECBS-C14_e_01.2021.pdf - 159.2 KByte

Lock Guide (ECBS R01) - version January 2024

The certification of secure storage units requires the use of high-security locks in accordance with EN 1300, the installation of which has been approved by ECB. The lock guide lists the recognised locks of the various designs (key and combination locks as well as electronic locks) and lock classes according to EN 1300 (A, B, C and D).

RL_ECB-S_R01_2401_Lock_guide_e_Rev._2.pdf - 437.5 KByte

Requirements on strongrooms in solid construction and/or modular design (ECBS R03)

This guideline gives explanations and descriptions of the requirements relating to the design and construction of strongrooms. It enables to apply a simplified testing and certification procedure and shows production options for strongroom walls of the resistance grades V to XIII in solid construction.

Certification is based on the testing criteria defined in the European Standard EN 1143-1. The requirements to ECBS R03 are not additional testing requirements.

RL_ECB-S_R03_210401_e.pdf - 536.8 KByte

Guideline ECBS R07 Quality surveillance of filling materials for security products

These guidelines serve as the basis for controlling the provision, the processing and the insertion of fillers and filling materials into serial products at the ECB certificate holders' manufacturing sites.

RL_ECB-S_R07_220325_e.pdf - 281.7 KByte

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